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Our McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day Experience

October 26, 2016

Hi Friends! Adi and I got invited to one of the most sought after kiddie party in Cebu this Halloween Season, the McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day. It was their second time to hold it here in Cebu, we were also invited the first time but were not able to make it then. 

I was excited at the same I was worried that Adi won't want to come. I have been very cautious about attending Halloween Kiddie parties in the past since Adi had experienced trauma regarding the scary side of the celebration. He got very much scared when he saw halloween costumes ramping around malls that he threw tantrums everytime we went inside the malls. It was desperate time for us. 

But thanks to youtube halloween videos, this eventually went away. So when I told him we were going to a Halloween party, I was honestly surprised that he was very eager to tell me he was going to be that witch pointing the scene from youtube with the song phrase "there's a witch flying round and round". I can't tell you how happy I was. So by then, I knew I had to be more creative and take all my creative powers to diy the costume. Thankfully, I was able to create it in time. 😊 

So much effort was gone into this that it deserves   another blogpost. 😂 I will talk about how I diy-ed this costume with the help of my mom in another post. 

So anyways, the call time was 8 am, and me having to take care of a 9 month old baby, I knew I had to wake up early to get my game going and so I asked the help of my mom and the husband.

I already prepared the things I would need to cover the event the night before as well as the things we would bring there.

When we arrived, the venue was already filled with moms, excited families like us and kids dressed in beautiful halloween costumes. You can really feel their excitement.

 Just one of the families taking their poses on the Photobooth. Payment was 20 pesos for each photo.
 And so we lined up hurriedly, and striked our own poses. I picked the photobooth from outside as it's not that crowded yet and to be honest, I wanted Adi not to panic when we finally go inside the convention hall. Lol!

 Here's the stage. The screens were huge and the place has enough space for everyone to sit and watch the show. I love that everyone can get to enjoy spending time with their families through this kinds of event and also for the kids to interact with other children through play. Every kid who signed up got to enjoy their Mcdo 1 pc Chicken McDo Meal.
 The booths where the kids can play around. Photo credits to Jervie Montejar of jerminix.com 😊
 Kids who joined the event also get to have free Halloween Hats, cape and Halloween pumpkins to complete their Halloween look!

But of course, we didn't arrive home empty handed. Coca-Cola Philippines gave this awesome tote bag that came with Coca Cola products in it. Thanks Coca Cola Ph! And also Adi got this cute toy from their Happy Meal pack, it was their hotwheels toy and he really enjoyed playing with it afterwards. 

Thank you McDonald's for the awesome party. We surely had a great time and we would surely join next year with the whole family.

This year also marks the first time for the event to happen in Manila this coming October 29th at the World Trade Event Center in Manila. So moms from Manila get your halloween costumes ready.

Thank you for Reading! I hoped you enjoyed as much as we did.

Till my next post, guys!

Baby And Me at Mothercare Cebu

March 27, 2016

Hi Mommies! Happy Easter!

Great news for all new moms and expectant moms out there. HALO Phils., Inc the exclusive distributor of HALO products in Cebu is hosting "Baby and Me" this coming Saturday, April 02,2016 from 2 to 5 pm at Mothercare (Ayala Center Cebu). The event is in partnership with Mothercare, Cycles, Cradle and Moringana. 

Baby & Me is a regular event held in all Mothercare stores nationwide to cater to expectant moms as well as the new moms. This event is to created to help answer any question that they may have on their new role in life. In this event, a talk will be given on New Born Care followed by safe sleep practices for infants. 

Admission is free, but seats are limited. Just sign up and RSVP on the link found here 

#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices on Nov 28th

November 19, 2015

Hi Mommsies and Fellow Cebu Based Bloggers! now is the time of the year for us to gather once again to collaborate and innovate the blogging scene in the Queen City of the South!

Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino and Smart Communications would like to proudly present this year's #CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices

I can't wait to see all the speakers from whose blogs I also stalk and follow =). I already registered, and I hope to gain more insights from them about best blogging practices and taking my blogging career to a whole new level.

Below are some of Cebu's renowned bloggers who will speak at the event.

Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Hits Cebu

November 18, 2015

The Bautista family showed how they enjoy the many conveniences at home made possible by Samsung products. Samsung presented their products in a fun way through a short drama that portrays a typical Filipino family who's just upgraded their home with Samsung's latest appliances.
Last November 10, Samsung Happy Home Roadshow finally hit the shores of the Queen City of the South. Cebu Bloggers Society were invited to grace the event held at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center. I was grateful to be a part of it I was filled with amazement with their products for the family and the home.
This family experience was showcased during Samsung Happy Home roadshow featuring Samsung’s range of new products, including Television, Home Entertainment Solutions, and Digital Appliances. The roadshow kicked off in Manila last August and was followed by Mindanao leg in Davao and Cagayan de Oro and Visayas leg in Bacolod. On their fifth run, Samsung Happy Home roadshow went to Ayala Center in Cebu and will continue in key cities such as Naga and Iloilo throughout the year, letting more families see how Samsung could help them create a happy home.

SpookTacular Halloween Party at McDonalds

October 16, 2015

Hi there my fellow mommies from the Queen City of the South.

McDonald's is pleased to invite you, and your family to join McDonald's Grand Halloween Fun Day happening this October 24, 2015 at the Oakridge Pavilion, AS Fortuna. 
Enjoy a day filled with spooktacular activities, prizes and sweet treats! 

Celebrate the magic of Halloween with us. See you there!

Below are the full details of the event:

Come and Register in the nearest McDonald's branch near you.
Registration fee is PHP200 inclusive of food and goodies.

New Media Meetup 2 for Press Freedom Week

September 25, 2015

InnoPub Media, SMART Communications, Inc and PLDT and VECO hosted the New Media Meet-up this September 25, 2015 holiday in the Philippines. The event was held at the PLDT Multipurpose Hall in time for Cebu's Celebration for the Press Freedom Week.

There's this path that you just got to follow to be in the light in the generation of new media(photo from @halle_ric instagram account)

photo from @kalamicebu instagram account
The event was graced by Cebu's journalists, writers, bloggers, photographers and masscom students from different universities. There were discussions and sharing on tips on journalism and tips for surviving in the new digital media with the advance development of technology.

This year, the team tackled more on engaging readers through effective visual communication, mobile journalism in the modern world. Learning about writing strong leads for the start of the write-up (Ledes) as well as the Basic Coding literacy on HTML and CSS, using Markdown to simplify the coding process in updating and publishing online works.

a great resource for bloggers and news writers is this site Poynter.org as well as newsu.org
(photo from @mommywanders instagram)

Speakers were Vic Kintanar, multi-awarded photojournalist, Sun Star editor-in-chief Isolde Amante and Max Limpag, InnoPub Media co-founder. Also present in the event were Istorya.Net founders.

Vic Kintanar speaking about Visual Communication
(photo from @bee_con instagam account)

photo from istoryanet Learning a lot about writing from Isolde Amante 

istoryanet Max & Marlen Limpag, @beorski, and Victor Kintanar 

Smart Communications also shared there products to us and showed us their product lines namely, PLDT Home Ultera, PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya, and SMART Money, and a whole lot more. If you want to know more of this you may visit their office or check them out online.

The group also had a giveaway to the first three early comers, some raffles giving away powerbanks c/o PLDT and a photo contest on instagram using the tips and tricks discussed on Photo Journalism.

Personally, I must say kudos to the event organizers it was a really productive seminar, All I noticed and felt during the whole session was a strong feeling of passion, professionalism and sense of helping one another all through-out. I was seated next to USJR masscom students there and felt there intense will to learn from the experts. Lunch was on the organizers, the attendees were surely glad and it was clearly seen on our faces (although i am more of like looking really serious staring at the Lechon lol!)

photo from @kalamicebu IG account

photo from @kalamicebu instagram

Thanks to the event sponsors, SMART and PLDT as well as InnoPub Media!

Official event hashtags #cebupressfreedomweek #newmediameetup #livemore 

Sugbu Mercado: Weekend Food Market [Update]

September 11, 2015

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food and Lifestyle Market finally opens on September 25, 2015! Starting with fifty food and lifestyle product providers, Sugbo Mercado will be the first and the biggest year-round weekly food and lifestyle market in Cebu!
The event has been rescheduled to open September 25, 2015

Located on a wooded, grassy knoll at the corner of Geonzon and Villa Streets (beside Avida Showroom Office) in IT Park, Sugbo Mercado is proud to partner with Cebu Holdings Incorporated. We bring together the best of the best of Cebu as well as budding new entrepreneurs in the local food & lifestyle products industry to showcase their products in a tour de force of local pride.

Joining us for our launching weekend are our co-presentors: the biggest global brand in online classifieds, OLX Philippines; the purveyor of the Philippine Experience, The Islands Group; and Digitel Mobile Philippines' Sun Cellular.
"Kung dili na gamiton, ibaligya na" goes OLX Philippines' tagline as it allows the exploration of the old saying that goes, "one man's discard is another's treasure." Say, "Yesss, yaman!" at onsite pickups or swap meets, get free discount coupons from OLX to use at participating Sugbo Mercado tenants and catch OLX's brand ambassador, Jewel, perform live onstage!

Sugbo Mercado goes local all the way to our entertainment with opening night performances by fresh, independent Cebuano talents. David Wilde X Zeejacob headlines the lineup with Jameson Tenorio and Smurf. Now Brisbane-based, international hoops sensation Celi Toledo drops in to spin. Rising hiphop star JID Durano's music video for his latest single "Issues" goes on a second local public release with a feature performance by the man himself.

Initially operating on Fridays and Saturdays between 4PM to 2AM, Sugbo Mercado would also be an alternative open-air events space catering to corporate or product launches and roadshows on top of regular in-house entertainment activities like food showdowns, bands, shows, and other promotions.

Sugbo Mercado is also sponsored by the easiest way to order online from over 500 restaurants, foodpanda. foodpanda officially launches at Sugbo Mercado later in the month with a lineup of their restaurant-partners present. Catch the foodpanda Panda mascot live as he brings fun, prizes and surprises!

For inquiries, contact 09173088876 or message them at facebook/sugbomercado.

See you all at Sugbo Mercado!

First Philippine Summit on Health Care and Social Media 2015

January 29, 2015

The 1st Philippine Summit on Social Media and Healthcare will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu this coming Feb 21st of 2015 in Cooperation with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. The theme for this Summit is "Synergies in Social Media and Health Care".

The Summit brings healthcate professionals. academe, health care industry, patients and advocates together to discuss the role of Social Media in healthcare.

Registration is Free, although Slots are Limited.

Organized by: #HealthXPH (http://healthxph.net/), in cooperation with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)
 #HealthXPh is a collaborative effort by healthcare stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, academe, patients, policy makers) to discuss and use, emerging technologies and social media to positively impact the Philippine health landscape. The Core Collaborators are Dr. Remo Aguilar, Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan, and Dr. Narciso Tapia. (source: http://healthxph.net/about/core-collaborators) 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/healthxph. Twitter hashtag: #hcsmPH (for updates) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HealthXPh/377596132377934
Website: http://healthxph.net/healthcare-social-media-summit-2015

That's it Mommsies!
Hope to see you there!

Don't forget to Follow me:

Hyper Cebu's #HyperHalloween

October 20, 2014

Hi Mommsies!

Prepare yourselves, because FEAR IS COMING. HYPER CEBU in collaboration with Parkmall and the City Government of Mandaue presents #HYPERHALLOWEEN coming this October 24-26, 2014. 

Strengthened and organized by the commitment of JCI Cebu Inc and Hyper Volunteers comes a spooktacular event this October. Following its latest tradition, there will be a weekend food market, a lifestyle bazaar, a bloggers meet, an indie music fest and a rave party in one destination. Another gathering of foodies, fashionistas, travelers, techies and musicians to empower and showcase youth entrepreneurship talent and culture.

On this event, Hyper Cebu will be introducing a new Cebuano passion: Fitness, to foster sportsmanship and promote an active and better lifestyle for all Sugbuanons. In line with this, we will be launching the #HyperHalloween Zombie Run. A fun run, first in Cebu, with military-like obstacles and a zombie survival arena with a 1.6K, 3K and 5K distance. Registration starts at 300 Pesos, 350 Pesos and 400 Pesos respectively at Runnr Ayala. Another first brought to you by Hyper Cebu.

#HYPERHALLOWEEN will also be making history by Gathering 25 of Cebu’s best DJs representing the 9 well-known clubs across the city of Cebu; The Distillery Cebu, Cable Car Cebu, Den, LIV Superclub, The Barcode, Alchology, Basic, Dozo Izakaya and J.Ave Superclub.

Being a charity and volunteer-ran event, this will be for the benefit of:

1) CEVSAR / Central Visayas Search & Rescue Group Incorporated

2) BIDLISIW Foundation a social welfare and development agency whose focused on helping the urban poor families, particularly the informal settlers in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Talisay

3) COLORS / Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex. A foundation who aims to establish a united, strong, and empowered transgender community that nurtures to their well-being and welfare and rebuild a discrimination-free and equal society.

4) TEDxUniversityofSanCarlos - TEDx is an independently-organized TED event by Carolinian students where people in Cebu come together to share ideas worth spreading through live speakers, TED videos and interesting conversations.

For more information, please send an email to hypercebu@gmail.com or find us at www.facebook.com/hypercebu. For Ticket & Booth Inquiries 09322326992. Look for Bryan.

BONAKID PRESCHOOL Ready Set Laban Season 2 Auditions [Cebu]

October 9, 2014

Hi Mommsies!

Last September 28, 2014 Sunday. Metro Ayala Cebu was filled with energetic kids and supportive mommies and parents!

All are present to take part of the Season 2 Live Auditions for the Bonakid Preschool Ready Set Laban show of GMA.

Ayala Activity Center was filled with kiddie playground where all the kids had fun while waiting for the event to start as well as enjoy the moments with other kids there too!

I wish I did bring Adi with me that day as I knew he would surely have fun.


 GMA Talents Regine Tolentino and Mikael Daez came all the way from Manila to Cebu to host the event =)

It was my first time seeing them in person and they all looked good and they were all very energetic.
I must say that they really did a great Job in making the event a successful one.

I am sure all the kiddos and moms here in Cebu did too as I was there to see their happy and excited faces.

Energetic kids and their supportive moms gamely took part in the ingenious games  (Happy Holen, Jack En Point, Drink It, Wear It, Win It and A Spoonful of Happiness).

Dancing Kiddos!

You may also send your audition video please check their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BonakidPreSchoolPH) for the video tutorial.
You may also follow them at Instagram and Twitter (@BonakidsPS) for more info.

Mommy Mundo Expo 2014 in Cebu

September 29, 2014

Hello Mommsies! 

Last August Mommy Mundo arrived at the shores of Cebu and had all the Manila based exhibitors showcase their Mommy and Baby products.
Now on its seventh year, Expo Mom is the biggest event of its kind, gathering progressive, active moms in an environment that’s both recreational and educational. Showcasing beloved mommy brands alongside mom invented goodies, Expo Mom has become the catalyst for the mompreneur movement in Manila. It has also become a venue for like-minded moms to establish lasting connections, attracting over 60,000 mommy participants through the years. At Expo Mom 2014, more celebrations are afoot. With over 60 booths at the Palm Drive of Glorietta in Ayala Center, Expo Mom 2014 will feature all-day talks, demos, and raffle draws.This year’s theme, “You The Mom!” aims to affirm and appreciate all the awesome things that moms do every single day, whether they’re taking care of their babies at home, doing volunteer work for a cause they believe in, or helping out a friend in need. Mothers are the most complex of creatures; their powers in time management and multitasking alongside their ability to do anything and everything for their loved ones make them the most effective game changers of all! “You The Mom!” puts the spotlight on all the unbelievably good things that moms do every day with a string of exciting engagement activities.

I loved that I was able to join in and took some of the pictures in the event held in Ayala Center Cebu last Aug 29-30, 2014.

I found some really cute items there too.

Here are some of them.

joomajam - some really awesome OPM songs for the babies and kiddos =) really cute and very innovative

baby wailers - really awesome headturner outfits =) 
Baby Wailers (Coz were all born wailin) owned by Irene & Eric Hernandez. You can contact them at babywailers@gmail.com for order or 09175743838. Visit their FB page www.facebook.com/BabyWailers for the latest ones for your babies.

Neat Nanny - fashionable colorful uniforms for your babies' Nanny =)

these are Baby Oil Mists =)

Cordlife membership for cord blood =) if you have the time you can donate to them as well . Very helpful cause 

Yes that is a lactation brownie =)

Cute outifts =)

Bug and Kelly - Kids Shirt Infant Onesies (make a statement) email:bugandkelly@yahoo.com
FB: facebook.com/bugandkelly

more Storage and products for the babies

Kids toys (wooden ) really cute too! 
For more info about the expo you can also visit this page: http://expomom.com/events/expomom-2014-youthemom/

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