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My Weight Loss Resolution for 2013

January 17, 2013

--> Hello everyone!
It is me having to blog about the New Year and the 2012 holidays that was. As for all the occasions tolling the year, Christmas and the New Year tops all of it all.

Top resolutions we all have and promised to take is to loose all the pounds we took in and added.
One can't deny the fact that good health is one of our top priorities especially when one is a Mom, like me who just recently gave birth last August. Mind you, I gained lots of unwanted fats especially on my belly area.

I would greatly admire if I would achieve my figure back again. I am on the search for those diet programs as well on the internet and looking out for the motivation to limit my food intake. I just had a baby and the urge to eat is sky rocketing! Most so if you are breastfeeding.. Moms out there can definitely relate to what I am blabbing about. =) While some out there abruptly lost all the fat, where did it all went? So jealous i am i know. Well maybe it is not us at all, It is just all in our metabolism.

Good thing, our friends from Sure Slim Wellness Centre

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