REVIEW: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in PINK

August 16, 2017

Hi, Mommies! I'm back after a long week of no posting. Life has been really busy with work and all. 
Just a little update, I worked as a Content Writer and Social Media manager here in Cebu for already 5 months. I could say that I loved the job. Yes, because you know me I am very passionate about marketing at all those things that connect brands to people. 
Cebu, Philippines

REVIEW My Loreal Rogue Magique Lipsticks Swatch and Review

June 30, 2017

So I had the opportunity to snag for myself these lipsticks from Loreal. They came as a thank you gift from Lazada Philippines. 

Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist Review + Before and After Photos!

February 23, 2017

Achieving flawless and fresh skin in the humid weather in the tropics the natural way is made easy now with Witch Hazel. Beauty Bakery has came up with an all natural product that provides your skin's needs, the Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist!

Collagen Lotion Thing

October 11, 2016

Hi Loves!

Time for another skin care review and this time it is this lotion I have been using lately. The Annecy Collagen Lotion which by the way was given to me by my cousin last June. You might be asking what is Collagen and what I think about this product. 

As for us women and moms like me who are in their 30s, it is important to take care of ourselves most especially our Skin. Self Care is very crucial and important for women and moms who are busy handling many things and wearing many hats may it be at the workplace or at home. 

Skin Care has been my priority when it comes to beauty and health as it is the first thing that people notice. I admit I don't have the perfect porcelain skin. I have also noticed that my body is so much more inclined in the masculine side more than the feminine side. Yes, I am a Type 3 woman and most woman who fall on that type mostly don't have perfect flawless skin. So much of that, you may read more of my body type on this post here >> Dressing my Truth

Collagen is essential for our health and appearance. This protein is also necessary to reduce the typical signs of aging. Collagen is also an important building block for elasticity and it's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What I love about this Lotion is that it also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturizing agent that is endowed with 500x moisture restoring and retaining capacity. I was surprised too that it has Sunflower Oil, Wheatgerm Oil and Trehalose - a killer combination that enhances skin moisture retention capacity and achieves antioxidative effect perfectly. 
Here is the current photo of the bottle and I am almost 3/4 usage.
The bottle is almost empty. 

Overall, I love this product so much. I love the packaging and it is really moisturizing. I highly recommend this lotion. You may also check the website of Annecy Cosmetics or follow them on instagram Annecy Cosmetics. 

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by Annecy. Review is based on my honest experience about the product.

Nivea Baby Cream Quick Review

July 16, 2016

Hi friends!
As promised, I will be doing a product review today. I have posted this product on my instagram  for my followers.

Here is the cream from Nivea which Ameila is currently using. I got this from Baby Company from their Opening event last year at SM Seaside here in Cebu. 

Here's how it looks inside. Its a cream so yeah just as you expect. We already consumed almost half of the product. 

Here is whats on the bottom. It actually peels off so you can see the ingredients, product descriptions and directions for use.


PACKAGING - i love the packaging. 
Rating:  ♡♡♡♡
FEEL - it moisturizes Ameila's skin and I was surprised that she does not have irritations and breakouts with this one. Plus its hypo allergenic and is really not greasy at all. 
 Rating :♡♡♡♡
SCENT - smells like deo to me but still good Rating: ♡♡♡ 


 I love this Product! It has No Parabens. Non greasy. Great skin moisturizer and very affordable. Perfect for babies and Kids ♡♡♡♡

This product retails at 179 Pesos. I got mine from Baby Company SM Seaside. Special thanks to Baby Company for this.

DisclaimerThis is not a paid post. All reviews are based on my actual experience with the product.

Reviews: Blossom Korea Highlighter

December 6, 2013

Blossom Cosmetics Highlighter 
Highlighter is a product that can completely change your beauty look. If applied correctly, it gives you that glowing look where people can't place what's different, just that you look amazing. When you’re choosing a highlighter you have to think about your skin tone; if you have very sallow skin, pink toned highlighters are going to stick out, but if you have very pale skin pink tones are perfect. The goal when applying highlighter is to get a reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturized your skin. You don’t want to be shiny or glittery, so try some on the back of your hand when you’re at the store and blend well. If the product gives your skin a slight sheen you’ve got it right, if you look covered in glitter or sickly, try again. source: TFS
The back part of the product packaging with the directions. Below are some swatches!
A video of Ana Victorino tutorial using the product.

Verdict: Love - i love that it is just so affordable and that you can use it for the face to give that instant glow.
the product sits on very well on the face and can be worn for longer periods. perfect for parties and events.

Have you tried this product too?
please leave your comments down below.

Review + Swatch: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick (Rose Lipstick) and Holiday Collection make up palette

June 21, 2013

A Review on the products I got from AVON last year December 2012.
This post was sitting on my drafts for quite some time already. And here, finally I am posting them on my blog .This is a scheduled post by the way =)

I bought these items at my own expenses solely for review and have not been paid for by AVON.
So, Let's get started! ............

*sorry for the poor image quality. i am using my samsung camera. the old model. I hope to get a much better camera in the future though.. Wink! =)

The packaging:

  What I love about it is that it comes in a dainty and clear cover so you can actually see the colors (eyeshadows and blush inside). It also comes with an applicator and a blusher brush. 
What I don't Like: it has no mirror into it. So you have to use a separate mirror for you to view your eyes/face in every application. It is quite big and bulky to fit in my travel kikay kit. You might need a larger kit to store it. And also, the product can get shattered easily if you drop it so it takes extra care in handling it.

The Swatch:
It is not so clear here in the photo but the colors are really great. Perfect for blending. =) I love it.

The Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks (Rose Lipstick) Swatch

(from L-R: royal celebration rose, rosabella rose and carmen rose)

I hope I can post a look using these products here on my blog.
have you tried these products as well?

LOTD (Lipstick of the Day): Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love That Red

May 23, 2013

I have been using Ever Bilena Lipsticks for a month now. The matte lipsticks have really got me hooked since the day I heard the matte lipstick line.
Ever since I got into the world of beauty blogging, I wanted to try out some really good products out there in the market. I am in search for affordable ones but one that does not put it off quality wise.

i love matte lipsticks, if you haven’t noticed i am into matte lipsticks lately since i have oily skin and putting it on does not add on the shine i have on my face. Lol :-D .
good thing i found ever bilena in love that red. it is the my go to lippie for those stressful days and moments in the office.
here is a closer look at the product:

what i like:
  • affordable (for only 155 pesos)
  • good color pay off for a matte lipstick (really red)
  • easy to apply and glide on the lips
what i don’t like:
  • packaging (aesthetically wise not so girly looking) :-D
  • dries off easily :-(
  • does not last long you may need to reapply
  • blots, stains on my coffee mug used in the office
My over all rating: 3 out 5
so far i am loving this lipstick. it transforms my look with just one application without being too quirky. =)
you may grab one at the stores near you or you may visit Ever Bilena on facebook and like their facebook page for their product updates and promos.
how about you? have you tried this lipstick too?
do leave your comments. :-)

LOTD (Lipstick of the Day): Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink

My second of the 12 lipsticks for my lipstick of the day posts for Ever Bilena matte lipstick is today as you can see.  I have been using this lipstck for two weeks now. Amongst the 12 colors, this one is what i liked best!
roflbot (1)

I got this lipstick as part of the complete set of matte lipstick – my prize for winning the contest hosted by Ever Bilena. The minute i held this baby and put on some on my lips was bliss! i love the color and the hue of pink on it. really what the name tells – “off beat”.

Smashbox Style Files Eyeshadow Palette: A Swatch

April 16, 2013

How's your day been?

For the longest time, I can finally post my swatch on the Smashbox Style Files eyeshadow that I got recently from my fellow blogger Milna of MilnaMania. I got this as a prize for being the Commenter of the Month on her MOM (Milnamania of the Month) for JANUARY. =) Thank you Milna!

So down to the item, I got which I find a great addition to my eyeshadows collection. I've been loving eye makep lately.

The Packaging:

The SHADOWS: It comes with a Mirror, which I like about it since I could easily see the colors on every application. The box contains matte, shimmer eye shadows.

I use Shadow #3 and #4 for the smokey eye look. It just goes perfectly. =)

The Swatch:

What I Like:
  • Feels light on the skin
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • Rich colors, just little product and can give that glamour in the eye.
  • Blend-able colors.
The Look
Finally, here is my look using the Shadow #3 and #4 and #5. =)

So far, I am loving this palette. Have you had these too? Share yours.
Please leave your comments!

Thanks for Reading! 

God Bless and Have A Great Beautiful Day Ahead! ♥

REVIEW: Avon Super Shock Mascara

February 4, 2013

Hi everyone!

How are you doing today?

I hope your day is great and fab and you are in perfect shape at this time of the month.
Yes it is now February, and thanks I can already share with you some review on a product just release by the Company for Women, AVON.

I will be doing a quick review on this amazing product. I really want to try it out if its really that effective so that is why i went on and purchased it myself.


January 4, 2013

Hi Lovelies!

How's your day today?
I am so excited to be able to read my mail today. I got an email from Danika Holmes. She is a Singer/Songwriter from Nashville, TN. She asked me to do a music review for her song "How to be Beautiful" and I was so inspired by the music and lyrics of hers.

Danika is also giving away the song for free in her site You might want to check it out too!

The song really revolves about how inner beauty is what is all that matters above all.
How each one of us exudes our own beauty regardless of age, race, color.
We ought to be beautiful inside and out.

By the way, here is the video. Hope you love the message on it as much as i did. =)

The Lyrics

Review: LA Girl Lipstick in Last Night

December 14, 2012

Luxury Creme Lip Color
Luxury Creme' Lipstick delivers ultra rich colors in a lightweight formula. Its blend of moisturizing ingredients of aloe, shea butter & vitamin E enhances lips, leaving a smoother, healthier feel. Glides on effortlessly with the slant top, for a flawless even coverage.

Review: Onyx Tri Lipgloss by AVON

November 23, 2012

Hi my beautiful readers!

I am back to show you my cool lip gloss purchase at AVON. By the way, for those of you who doesn't know it yet, I am a branch franchise dealer here in Mandaue City, Cebu. I came to the branch to pay out for my overdue make up purchases last October, I was afraid they would eventually sue me if I didn't pay them. 

But, yeah I know myself, I can't resist make up!
Everytime I go there, I found myself praying to not go impulse buying or else --  I might get stuck such wild habit. =( I keep asking myself, do I really need this? My oh my, I might as well blog about it right?

Anyways, today I got this Tri lip gloss in Wine Luster. I got really attracted by the color of this lipgloss, the reason of me pulling it out and straight to the counter. Bought it for PHP189. For me this product is perfect for morena skin tones, like mine. =) Below is the image as you can see it's color is similar to that of the grapes. Isn't it?

(click the image above to enlarge)

REVIEW: I need you Facial Mask in Pearl Extract

November 20, 2012

As promised about my haul at Etude House, I am doing this review on their best selling mask in "Pearl Extract". See my post here.

I am not really a fan of facial masks, I only just simply cleanse my face with water and my favorite facial soap and then wipe some cleanser available commercially and then that's about it.

I was just curious about it, watching it on TV programs, ads and other beauty blogs made me wanna get my hands on this products.

Animal Print Make Up Brushes

November 15, 2012

Hi ladies!

How is your day today?
Mines going good and well.

I have been into animal prints lately. I just love how it turns everything out into fierceness 
as a woman would try to wear them.

As for my opinion, it brings out that strong character in a woman. From wearing animal printed dress, 
blouse, even animal printed shoes and bags!

It has been a trend this days and has been over the decades human race started to wear fur clothes and the day animals skin was in to protect us from the harsh weather.

As for me, I just love it. I love its design.

One way to show how my addiction to animal prints is this make up brush I saw in a Bodega Store just nearby our place.

A closer look.......... Well, it's not really that expensive for P70.00, why not?

I love the print on it. =)
I love the brushes too......... I've used them and so far they're just good enough.
Even though it's not a branded brush but still it is useful for me. It's an additional to my make up kit! 

How bout you?
What is an addition to your make up kit as of this moment?

Cebu, Philippines

Facial Care Haul: Etude House


I have been really wanting to go to Etude House and see some of their products. Since, it featured KPop Star Dara Park as their brand endorser.

Well, i was surprised. Their vanity stuffs are really tempting!

Review: Sweet Honesty by AVON

July 6, 2012

i just started loving this scent. Ever since I became pregnant to my first child i've been easily irritated with perfumes and scents but this one didn't fail me. I used it in the office, the rollete really do come in handy. read on for my review on this product.

Sweet Honesty - The scent of breathtaking innocence.
PROS: Has that light and soft fragrance perfect for everyday wear esp for teenagers and grown up women as well.
I have witnessed Sweet Honesty since my childhood days and how the scent for over the years has not changed at all. It has been one of my favorite ever since. When I joined AVON, I was glad that the new dealer’s kit came with the Sweet Honesty perfume (comes with the spray and the purse concentre).
Avon calls these scent a floral heart blooming with Honey, Citrus and Vanilla. It’s scent never goes out of time and trend.
SD Alcohol 40-B, Fragrance, Benzophenone-2
This is a mild, light fragrance that reminds me of ivory soap and baby powder with just a slight touch of musk like woodiness. The smell almost reminds me of a freshly bathed newborn baby. Fresh and clean and innocent. 

Sweet Honesty is a signature Avon fragrance, one that has been around since at least the early 70’s. 

The cologne is available in a 1.7 ounce spray bottle for PHP399, but occasionally Avon offers Sweet Honesty in the slim purse sized roll-on bottles, which Avon refers to as “rollettes”. Which also comes in handy and cheaper for only PHP99. The bottles hold a very light colored perfume, with a pink cap and Sweet Honesty written in bold pink letters. 

This is a cologne, not a perfume, but yet it still lingers for several hours without having to reapply. 

This is definitely a feminine scent that is unobtrusive, and works well for a young girl. When I sold Avon, I never had any women order Sweet Honesty for themselves, (it was always for their daughters). Likewise, I feel it’s a bit too inexpensive smelling for my tastes, but it’s a perfect first perfume to introduce a young girl to the world of fragrance. 

Avon also sells Sweet Honesty in matching: 

* Anti perspirant deodorant 
* Shimmering body powder 
* Perfumed skin softener 
Would you love to order one?

Review: Avon Ultra Colour Rich 24K Gold Lipstick

Rich and creamy lipstick infused with real 24K gold particles for instant sparkle. Lips look luminous, soft and smooth and feel moisturised. Glides on smoothly and stays colour true.

AVON Ultra moisture rich 24k Gold Lipstick

PROS: Over-all great gliding color moisture, gives the lips a glowing finish without the heavy feel.

CONS: The packaging, the one which i brought easily gets broken. :(



I have used this lipstick way back 2010 when it first came out here in Cebu.
I must say that this one is another breakthrough product from AVON’s lipstick line.
It has gold infused in it which gives you that very sparkly shimmer.
Also, it easily glides thru the lips and feels light. Great for everyday wear.
It is elegant and works great especially on wedding occasions, anniversaries and even on for parties. ;)


Want to try this out?

Review: Lipstick casings - A Comparison

Hi everyone!

A few months ago or so I have bought one lipstick from AVON also popularly known as their Shiny and Sheer Lipstick. It has then caught my attention as I was browsing the brochure since the price is affordable and the packaging is really cute. :)

I have come to compare the effects with these other lipstick from Tupperware Brands. The pakaging of the lipstick from Tupperware (fullerlife) Brands is not that appealing compared to the the one from AVON.
It can be messy since the lipstick is not a glide down or does not turn down once you turn it (i cant really descibe the word) hehe. But well, as for AVON it is nice and neat. plus no mess on the package or the casing. 

Here is a picture:

The one in light pink on the right is the one from AVON. The one on the left is the Colorfull lipstick from Fullerlife now Tupperware Brands Cosmetics Line

Both Lipsticks minus the caps:

You can observe that messy lipstick stain with the one on the left. :(
 Mainly because it is non- retractable it leaves that part showing on top unlike with this one from AVON or the modern casings now which can fully retract up to the bottom minimizing it's blot on the case.

A comparison on both colors and shine on my hand for both products:

They both look good on me but I'll have the more of the reiew on my next post guys :)
Hope you take into consideration these litle things before making a purchase on these lovely items.

More of it on my next post.

Till Then,

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