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Reads: The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

July 6, 2012

It's been a long time since I read novels way back in highschool and so when I got pregnant I had no time to go out to hang out since it's pretty tiresome having to carry the baby with in my tummy as I stroll along. 
I found this new alternative for my free time. And so I was back again to reading... hehe. 

I'm not really that of a bookworm but I love reading some really good novels, especially this one from Nicholas Sparks. It was my first time to buy a brand new book for the sake of reading since I was used to borrowing some from my cousin who happens to be in Singapore today.
So, I spent PHP315 on this item not bad for a good book. 

The cover

The back with the Synopis (click on the image to view)

I wasn't wrong, this book is really worth the buy. It got me hooked that it's the first thing I read early morning when I wake up haha! The characters are so real and the love story keeps me going to read it more and more. I haven't finished it yet but as soon as I am done, i'll post my first ever book review here. ;)

Anyways, here is the site for more Nicholas Sparks Books and reviews! Enjoy!

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