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Struggle Sunday!

September 23, 2013

Hi Mommsies!

Had a very gloomy Sunday. =( Just sad that I have not fulfilled what was expected and planned.
Today September 22 is not a really good day for me. I don't know why no matter how hard we try to make things for at home still there are ups and downs and today, it's a down one. =(

I was hoping for a good stroll at the mall but my body isn't cooperating at all. *sigh* I might as well start retaking vitamins. Can anyone recommend something? I have been taking stresstabs. May alam ba kayong effective na pang anti depressant? Gamot sa mga moody moments? honestly, I don't understand my moodswings. I am thinking maybe it is just because of the side effects from CS operation?

I don't really know. I really want to ask my OB or anyone who has the same experience as mine.

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