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Song Review and my Reflection: SHOW YOU THE CROSS by Matty Mullins

July 1, 2021

When I was young we would pray the rosary with our whole family. every time I would recite the fifth mystery of the Joyful mysteries, I would wonder why "Losing and Finding Jesus at the Temple" belonged there -- in the JOYFUL MYSTERY. I never quite understood and it never resonated much too until this age when I am already 34.

My Joyful Chaos: Journey to Healing and Finding a NEW Life in Jesus Christ

June 26, 2021


You are indeed a Survivor You have been trying hard to cope with your inner demons since you were still five and now most especially during this time of the pandemic, You found yourself so lost and oftentimes felt as though you were in the dark. The year 2020 brought a lot of realizations to a lot of people and you never saw that happening in your life. You thought that you would be good and that you could overcome the pandemic and your family would be safe and that you would survive. But, not without Jesus! It was as though some kind of lighting struck you by surprise!

this photo was taken on your trip to Malapascua to settle things out with yourself and find peace and there in the oceans you found the Lord. you have deep realizations from this trip and even got depressed the week after. it was a holy week.

Dyslexia Awareness and Intervention Summit

August 5, 2018

No parent would ever want to see his child struggle in school much more in the area of reading—the very core foundation to learning every subject there is in school. This is far worse for the child. The fear of being labelled and teased as stupid, dumb and slow is something he has to face and live with every single day. It could even be aggravated by his teacher’s perception of his condition: lazy, not trying hard enough, unfocused, and absent-minded. The fear even becomes bigger when the school strongly implies that the child is simply a poor student.

There’s got to be a way out. What could be the real reasons behind his difficulty in reading? What can be done to help a child who struggles in reading?
Happening this June 9, 2018 at the National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED), UP Diliman from 9am to 3pm, the Dispelling Myths: Your child is NOT bobo. A Dyslexia Awareness and Intervention Summit is designed to help parents, teachers, school administrator and counselors to understand the condition that is Dyslexia and the need for it to be identified as early as possible as it can hinder a person’s learning and has negative, long-term social consequences, not only for the individual but also for the society.

ReadRight, Inc., the developer of the Instant Reader™ Program is the pioneer and the only research-based system that can make any non-reader and non-English speaker read and speak English the fastest and most effective way. Instant Reader™, with its academically-rich headquarters inside the UP Los Baňos campus, has proven for almost fifteen years now that any average non-reader child can be taught to read in just 20 days or even less through a revolutionary and unique program that enhances student reading abilities and love for learning without initially teaching the classical English alphabet.
Having been directly involved in various researches and programs concerning the teaching and learning process of children and adults, the team behind Instant Reader™ is consistently and actively trying to respond and do its part in uplifting the growing global delusions concerning the real state and premise of reading and literacy.
Currently, Instant Reader™ is now delving into the concerns of struggling readers who are already trapped inside the walls of their classrooms, silently craving and crying for help — the Dyslexics. Statistics reveal that 20% of the population is affected but never diagnosed. And the good news, Instant Reader™ can now give them hope by helping unlock the keys that would allow them to finally own the skill to READ thru a timely forum that aims to update participants with the latest on handling struggling readers/reading difficulties
The resource speaker is the founder and developer of Instant Reader™ Ms. Veronica Quintana-Arioder. Ms. Arioder finished her Diploma course in Dyslexia (with Distinction Award) at Blackford Centre for dyslexia in United Kingdom and would be sharing her expertise on the said area, imparting up-to-date information on language literacy learning difficulties which affects several of our students inside the class.
We hope you could join us on this special event. This gathering of the minds has a purpose and we’re capitalizing on it and see how together we could help achieve an illiterate-free Philippines, one child at a time.
We look forward to seeing you at the conference.
Don’t forget to visit www.readin20days .com
Facebook page – www.facebook/instantreader


We can describe moms in many ways—hard working, hectic, hurried. But how about healthy?
Living and loving a balanced life these days is close to impossible, especially for mothers who wear many hats on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve sought the help of celebrity beauty queen turned tri-athlete Carlene Aguilar-Ocampo, for her tried and tested tips on how a hands-on mom like her, remains rock-solid while juggling with family, work, and other commitments.

Battling Head Lice - The Struggle and then LiceAliz

October 7, 2017

When Kuto (Head Lice) strikes, it is always an itchy situation. I have been dealing with this taboo issue from since way back my childhood and up to now that I am already a mom, it has not escaped my life!

Head Lice infestation is a tragic moment in a woman or a girl's life. Mostly if you are in your teens, right? Not only does it cause discomfort, it bothers you most of the time that you want to burn all the hair in your head! Along with all the lice and lice eggs in it.

Just lately, I was very much enjoying my life lice-free until Adi started to attend Kindergarten. The lice story has unfolded another chapter in our home and in our family! It infested me, Adi, and my one-year-old daughter Ami! Oh, Em Gee!!
Cebu, Philippines

5 Reasons Why Life is Good at the Beach

April 16, 2017

Oh! It is Summer and the weather is starting to get real HOT!
I can not believe it is April. Times flies by so fast that I am starting to freak out because I haven't planned going out with the family. 

Living in Cebu beside the awesome beaches is overwhelming in a way because I always felt entitled to go and see the beach and smell the summer air.

Hitting the beach with my loved ones is always a good idea here is why:

Love Wins!

March 21, 2017

Why do we do these things?
Certain pauses in life and being just in the moment.

My Hospital Maternity Package ( Updated )

February 20, 2017

To my fellow moms in Cebu, allow me to share this experience once again ( I know that this post is a bit late ) hope this would help you on your search.

Early Education App for Kids and Toddlers

February 9, 2017

As parents in this modern era, it is our task to look after our kids education and welfare by making sure they get access to high quality apps and games available online. Apps are in no denial already a part of our children's lives nowadays. Here are a number of those best apps for kids.

5 things to a Happier stay-at-Home Mom Life

February 8, 2017

It's definitely the Love month, and with a lot of things going on in the world right now I could honestly say that I have come to the point in my life where I no longer feel compelled to spend just so I could be happier and contented in life.

Story of Inspiration: Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

February 5, 2017

Do you knosomeone who have been into miscarriage and having that chance once again to have a baby? I bet it is not an easy moment for that couple, right?

Here is one inspiring story from Reality stars couple of 'Married at first sight'.

Reality stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner gladly confirmed they’re pregnant again, six months after they lost their first child at four months along. The Married at First Sight couple are feeling blessed and thankful for their rainbow baby. They’ve been waiting for this since the heartbreaking loss of their first born.

What 2016 has taught me

January 1, 2017

2016 has finally come to an end and as far as I can remember it was a year full of challenges and battles won. I never imagined how transformed I am now because of the choices I made in 2015. And that is to be a full-time mother. Leaving my day job and learning to focus on my top priority for life is one of the toughest decisions of my life. Although I am a mom to Adi I never realized how demanding it was to be a mom of two expecting to do all things on my own. But, to be honest, no words can explain what I went through. 

I learned to manage my time well and focused on the important things in life like preparing the meals and even to organizing the toys. Washing the laundry and breastfeeding Ami was the hardest of all. Without my parents' assistance and support I wouldn't have done it all. 

The fruit of my labor. My kids and my small family. I learned that I cannot anymore go out on my own. I cannot anymore manage to go out of the house and run errands without somebody else's company or without my kids. I have become so attached to them that it seems they are already a part of my whole being.

I learned that when I decided to become a full time mom to them I have also decided to bid farewell to my old self. I learned to become more selfless. On the first 3 months of adjustment, I remember I was afraid to go out of the house to call Adi to come home because I was shy, I was afraid that I couldn't discipline him the right way. My parents would always scold me because I was not performing my duty. Of course, I was still preparing my mind that this is how it is going to be now. That I need to step up and be the mother that I am. 

A year has passed, and I pat myself on my back because I have raised Ami by myself. Disciplined Adi by myself- he listens to me now whenever I scold him for doing something wrong. A year has passed with me purely breastfeeding Ami, learned to bathe her on my own two hands, clean her poop with my own hands. But whenever I feel like I need help I'm just forever grateful I got two able beings around me. My parents! Thank you Nay and Tay for shopping our food in the market whenever I feel so dizzy to go out. 

Indeed 2016 was a life changing year for me. So many lessons learned and so many memories kept in my kind and heart forever. Thank you 2016 for a meaningful year. For teaching and empowering my nature as a mom and a homemaker. 

I look forward to 2017 with head up high.

Happy New Year to us all!
Stay fab!


How it feels like to have a daughter

November 29, 2016

Yes! That is having a daughter. I have always wanted to have a baby girl whom I could deeply connect with. Someone that I could finally call my own. A girl that is a small version of me. My last chance at redeeming myself from my bad experiences before. A second chance at being pretty in all sorts of things. 😄 I never had a very much nice or what you call it worthy childhood as a girl. I never really enjoyed having all the nice dresses and barbie toys. I knew that being a little girl again is impossible and healing my dark past is all I wished for. But now having her is like having this chance of seeing and maybe building another tomorrow that is promising and secure. 

Having a daughter was all I ever wanted. As much as I wanted to dress her up and buy cute little tiny things for her. Seeing her happy and fulfilled one day is all I ever long for.  I love my daughter because she reflects me somehow. I want her to achieve her dreams someday and that she would know that I was always there behind her, that she would know that I always got her back. She is a reflection of my infinite hopes and dreams. And I wanted her to make them all happen. 

Having a daughter to me is like holding a treasure. A treasure that is so fragile that you would not want anyone or anything to get it broken. Having a daughter is like chasing sunsets, you'll never get enough of how amazing her smile is or is her laugh.

Having a daughter is having the best friend you always wanted to have. But for a lifetime. She is truly and indeed my one true friend. My best friend forever. BFF for life. I can't wait to see her grow up and just be there to guide her. See her achieve her dreams and enjoy what life has to offer that I wasn't able to see and I had no chance of experiencing.

To my dearest daughter, 
As you grow older I want you to fly as free as a bird.
Go forth and pursue all your dreams. 
Conquer the universe.
Live your life to the fullest and take chances.
Be confident in making them all come true. But in all these, never forget your worth.
and finally know how much we truly and deeply love you.
Mommy is just here. I love you baby girl.

Our Baby Girl's Baptism

April 28, 2016

LORD, We bring this miracle to you
so fresh from HEAVEN
and ask that you would hear our PRAYERS
and share our JOY for this day

into this tiny heart
and wrap your loving arms around
May your GRACE freely shine
into this precious LIFE.
and in all the days ahead,
let this heart rejoice in loving
as your own FORGIVEN CHILD.

As we were BAPTIZED,
so we profess our BELIEF.
As we profess our belief, 
so also we offer PRAISE.

As then BAPTISM has been given us
by our SAVIOR, 
in the name of the FATHER, 
and of the SON,
and of the HOLY GHOST

So, in accordance with our Baptism,

We make the Confession of the CREED, 
and our DOXOLOGY 
in Accordance with our LORD.


[Photo Project] The Ami: From Premie Baby turned Biggie!

March 20, 2016

Our Ami at about 2 weeks old in this photo. Ami was born at 36 weeks and is already considered a premature baby.
She stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for more than a week.

Our Ami at 2 months! She's dandy cute 

Life Lately and Welcoming Baby Ami!

February 6, 2016

Hi there!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After a long hiatus, I am finally writing again, on my husband's laptop.
It's been a long time since my last updated post, so yeah I have got a lot of things to talk about but I'll just let this moment sink in first off.

If you guys noticed, I left my day job and now focusing on my two little ones.
Mind you it was not an easy transition.
I left my job without much savings cause yeah most of my money went to my maternity expenses. The hubby also was not at ease at first and we had a few adjustments made on the first few days.

The whole 3rd week of December last year was a bit of a relaxation moment, I can say that at last after many years I can take this time off from the bustling busy corporate world to focus on myself being a breadwinner for almost five years, [ thanks to my sister and brother who have taken that responsibility as I am already married and having my own little family to feed and care for.]

So what have I been doing lately?
I have a lot of time now which is a good thing but the downside to it is sometimes, I don't know what to do with the time. Aside from watching and replaying Pia Wurtzbachs' videos on the winning the Miss Universe, I stare blankly at the walls. just kidding. I do some planning now which is more effective especially with the growing awesome community of creative planners here in the PH.

How do I keep up with blogging?
Not much, actually with the new baby it's challenging with the changing baby schedules. Having a personal journal actually helps. There are a lot of really awesome journal enthusiasts out there too but I personally like Mich of Seaweed Kisses. Visit her blog for some journaling ideas and inspirations.

How do I see the year ahead? Your Plans?
I have a lot in mind but there is one thing I really want to focus on, which is of course my kids Adi and Baby Ami. I also plan to take this year as a learn-something-new year, Hopefully to hone my skills in crafting if not in creating some awesome dishes for my family. Running a small business and also still making time for blogging.

And oh yeah, by the way, say hello to my Cutie Patootie.. Ami =)

She's sleeping but More updates soonest, I will have to doze myself off....
If you are on instagram please follow me @shesgraz..

Thanks and have a great weekend!


The Final Stretch and Third Trimester Maternity Outfits and Essentials

December 5, 2015

Hi Mommsies!

The last few days have been exhilarating at the same time exciting!
I am currently on my 30th week. A couple of months more to go and baby's popping out.

I have been scouting some baby items already but could not find the perfect time to purchase the things I need. Or all the things I might need since I have been busy with finalizing my work transitions. As a few of you may know I am taking the time off from the corporate job to being a stay at home mom in the next few days. Yeah, it's a shocker if you personally know me since I am a very focused career woman ever since. I have been working for 7 straight years with Multinational Companies here in Cebu.

Anyways, right on topic.. I'm still thinking of using some of Adi's old baby clothes and maybe I'll just head over on to Prince Warehouse Club to check some affordable onesies for baby! Motherhood can still be overwhelming the second time around. Not to mention my ever growing belly bump. Thrid trimester with my second baby is not that much of a hassle. I don't know maybe because this pregnancy have been at the most stable time for us since the church wedding. I am really thankful that all throughout, A and I have taken that decision to marry with God's Blessings! And I think this baby must be my lucky charm.

With the holiday season fast approaching, pregnant moms like me should still look fashionable and must master the hiding-the-baby-bump technique to avoid looking 'ngarag' at get - togethers. But hey, you know me. I am not a shopper not a fashion styler but I love looking good too.

Baby Company a trusted retailer of baby items here in the Philippines recently had their opening at the new SM SeaSide here in Cebu. I was able to scout some really nice and quality maternity items, like maternity dresses, maternity bras, and nursing bibs. The new store to me seemed like a one - stop shop already!

Headed over to the Mother Essentials department, yeah!

Awesome designs for Nursing Bibs, Nursing Covers and Baby Slings! 

Great help to nursing mommas! They also have some cute nursing tops.

The cloth of this item is fantastic, I can't wait to wear one. Belly Bump is a Baby Co Exclusive too! 

If you're an expectant momma like me, head on over to the nearest Baby Company branch for the awesome items for your little bundle of joy. When purchasing, better avail of the Baby Co Mom Cards to get exclusive privileges and first dibs on sales and promos, for only a hundred pesos. The joys of being a Mom Card holder? Getting special discounts, baby tips, and access to VIP events!

If you plan to show what you need, you may as well use the Baby Co Baby Registry. This will make things easier for you with planning and listing all your baby must- haves!

I surely had a blast, I will probably visit the store soonest to get the items I need! 

For more information about the newest deals and promos, head on over and follow Baby Company's Social Media Accounts:


How far along?

November 5, 2015

It's been quite a while, time has past and my baby bump has grown.
I am currently 27 weeks now to be exact, few more days to go and i will be entering my third trimester.

How far along?  27 weeks (nearly 7 months)
Total weight gain/measurements: 130 lbs

Baby Number 2: Expectations and Preparations

September 27, 2015

Hi Mommsies!

I wanted to talk about how life has been but first let me start with a very exciting news! Yes you're right. A and I are pregnant with our number 2.


Preparing for pregnancy and motherhood is never an easy thing. It's a crazy thing to think that in just a few months I will be a mom of two little brats. lol!
Well my babies are always a treasure to me mommsies.
You know that we all do.

This second pregnancy is very different with my first one, Adrian.
I had to deal with morning sickness in my first trimester and also experienced a little dizziness. It was a very unconfortable moment that there were times I would even eat my dinner and throw it all up and then eat again. With baby number 2, all I had in mind was that if my body could make it with all the pressures at work and at home with my baby boy Adrian who is now by the way three.

I wanted to let you all know that I am also at the same time happy and at the same time in doubt if whether A and I could afford to have another one. I was really surprised when I found out. I told A right away through chat since I was in Ayala that time and all I could think of was that I was just maybe having anemia attacks since I was always feeling drowsy and dizzy, only to find out then that I am pregnant. Yes, two lines on the pregnancy test kit.

A and I could not muffle the words to say and the courage to face yet another milestone of our married life.

Here are some of the things we have experienced with this journey that you might as well take note of:

1. Worrying with our first born child. When we found out, all I had in my mind was Adrian, of course I super love our baby boy and I was worried about his welfare at the same time. I was worried that maybe I would no longer have enough time for him, that I might overlook all his needs. The worry goes on and on, that I tend to neglect myself for our new baby. This is not a good thing mothers, since we need to set enough time for both. It was really hard for me at first since I am a working mom. All I wanted now is for me to slowly accept the reality. The great real deal of having another angel. That to me is just overwhelming which leads me to item number 2.

2. Having a second child can seem to be overwhelming. I have started reading about self help posts related to this and here are some of them.

3. Preparing our First Child for Baby Number 2. Adrian is used to have all our attention in the house most specifically since we are both working, we need to spend more time during the weekends with him. Our budget was the utmost priority during this very moment as well as time. How we manage our time and money now is very essential to all our decisions. That is why for me it was best for us to settle first the priorities before giving birth like out Church Wedding. It was only simple and we even planned it before we knew we were expecting. For me that is the big plus to us since we will now embark on being husband and wife and responsible parents to our children. We learned a lot from the seminar (Pre-cana) which i will also be sharing on my next post. Here are a few which I found helpful.

4. Preparing for another Birth Plan. I gave birth via CS Section with Adrian, so we were fortunate to conceive when Adrian turned three. I was already on the brim of giving up my job since I knew I had to focus with my children and thinking of getting an online home-based job instead. Preparing for another birth is never an easy thing. Every decision you are going to make should benefit yourself, your employer and your family. Decisions are hard during this times for me and A. I knew then that I had to make extra efforts to make this journey all worth and not be a burden to anyone. Here are some helpful posts too:

5. Getting ready for our second baby. The nice things about it is that A and I wouldn't need so many things to buy, what we only need is to prepare the household upon the arrival of the new member to our little family. At least now, we already both know what to do unlike when we had the first one when we had to consult almost anyone especially my mom before we do anything with our little one. It is still very important to declutter the house and provide ample space conducive for the baby. For now, that is our utmost concern and priority as well as planning to buy our own mini refrigerator to store some of our baby foods and milk supplies.

I hope the odds will be on our favor now. We are praying for the best especially a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

Thankful for Today

September 14, 2015

I know I am not a great person.
I have my own weaknesses, mistakes with which I often think of as a disparity of what my parents told me when I was still younger.
I grew up in a simple family in the Philippines with meager ways of living.

I can't seem to think of it as a life I wished for but for sure I knew it was a life I wanted to improve.
I had a vision.
A vision to help my family.
As the eldest amongst four siblings, I had my fair share of the household chores to baby sitting my younger sister and brother.
The scene from my memory is not at all flattering.
It was very tiresome for me.

Time to be positive and ultimately Lean on to God for all the challenges my way.
I see it as challenging since my life now and my career does not seem to work to well but I know and I trust in God for everything.

I am thankful that despite all the mistakes I have had committed, I can still recover from it and that there is always another chance to bring myself up.

Just so as this blog who has been my daily companion, this blog has become my strength to go on..

I know I don't have much , but I know I have the world to tell of what life can be.
It can be hard, it can be frustrating, but that's just how it is.

We are winners after all.
We all have our own battles to fight and win.

Let us all stay strong and have a lot of faith.
For we know that God's love will never cease.

Share the love my fellow mommies.
My fellow workers.
My fellow bloggers.
My friends from all over the world.

As you read this post, think of the things that you have and what you are grateful for.
Appreciate all of life's complexities and circumstances.

Breathe. Get up and Live!


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