Signs that you have been Born Again

April 25, 2022

 To be born again is to have the Holy Spirit transform our hearts from indifference and hostility toward God to a love of God and a desire for righteousness and holiness. The only way one can come to God and experience what it means to be “born again” is through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ; read John 14:6.

1. Born Again Christian: The Birthmark of Confession

The first is the birthmark of confession, described in 1 John 5:1: “Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.” Before you can have assurance of salvation, you have to believe and be saved. You have to confess Jesus Christ as Lord. Some people assume they are saved because they grew up in a Christian culture, or they have gone to church all their lives, or they have been baptized, or they have tried to live a good life. Yet they’ve never distinctly and personally confessed Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

The Bible teaches that we are sinners, separated from God by a sinful nature. We can never earn, buy, or climb our way into heaven. By our own efforts or goodness, we can never be saved. That’s why God became a man who lived a wholly righteous life, died on the cross, shed His blood for us, and rose from the dead. He paid our penalty, took our judgment upon Himself, and He offers us the opportunity to be born again.

2. Born Again Christian: The Birthmark of Change

If the first birthmark is our confession of Christ as our Savior and Lord, the second is a changed life, as we see in 1 John 2:29: “Everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him.” When Jesus truly saves us, it makes a difference in how we think, act, speak, and conduct ourselves. The Bible says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

As we begin learning to practice righteousness, our habits change. We will not be sinlessly perfect while we’re on this planet; but if we’re Christians, we need to behave like Christians. If we say we’re saved but nothing has changed about us, something is wrong. We are not saved by good works, but we are saved for good works, and the Gospel is a transforming agent in our lives.

3. Born Again Christian: The Birthmark of Compassion

Those who are truly saved also bear the birthmark of compassion. How can you know that you are a Christian? By what you believe, by how you live, and by whom you love. Love is a recurring theme in 1 John, and the apostle leaves no doubt about how it permeates the lives of true Christians. “Beloved,” he wrote, “let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. . . . We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren” (1 John 4:7; 3:14).

Do you love your brothers and sisters in the family of God? Those who are truly saved are those who enjoy and bless the household of faith, the family of God.

4. Born Again Christian: The Birthmark of Conflict

A fourth sign of being truly saved is conflict. According to 1 John 5:4, “Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” The word overcome implies a struggle. We’re faced with an adversary whom we must overcome. Our adversary is identified in 1 John 2:14 as the wicked one: “I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.” John went on in the next verses to say: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. . . . For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world” (1 John 2:15-17).

When you’re genuinely born of God, you’ll be growing to be an overcomer as you deal with the temptations around you—the world, the flesh, and the devil. You may not be victorious over every temptation every time, but you’ll make progress in gaining more victories and losing less battles as you grow stronger in Christ and in the power of the abiding Word of God.

5. Born Again Christian: The Birthmark of Conduct

That leads to the final point I want to make: We can see evidence for the validity of salvation in our desire to conduct ourselves in a way that pleases God. According to 1 John 3:9, “Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.”

If we’re not careful, we might interpret this verse to teach that anyone who is born of God never sins. That would conflict with other passages in the Bible that describe us as fallible and often failing.

In 1 John 3:9, the word for sin is a present active infinitive and it describes a continuous action. John is not saying that whoever sins once is not born of God. That would disqualify all of us. It would certainly disqualify me. But John is saying, in effect, “Whoever keeps on willfully sinning, violating God’s law with stubborn disregard and ongoing wickedness, cannot have assurance of salvation.”

If we are truly saved, we will grieve over our sins, confess them, and seek God’s grace to do better.

Kickstart Ventures celebrates a decade of enabling startups; commits to expand investments globally

April 14, 2022

 MANILA, PH— Kickstart Ventures, one of the most active venture capital firms in the Philippines, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a renewed commitment to invest in startups across the Philippines, and in major innovation hubs in Southeast Asia and beyond.


The Philippine-based corporate venture capital firm also reveals a new bold look in line with its anniversary. The new Kickstart logo represents the evolved version of the company while maintaining its signature kite logo, which speaks to the aspirations of the company and its portfolio, rooted in an ambitious purpose and dynamic movement, rising against the winds.


Committing to enabling startups

When Kickstart was established in 2012, the Philippine startup ecosystem was at its nascent stage. Ambitious and promising startups abound, but none managed to scale as fast or as large as those in neighboring countries. This inspired its founders Minette Navarrete, Dan Siazon, and Christian Besler to pitch for a pioneering evergreen fund to the Globe board, starting with $2.5M on its first year. Their goal was to make seed investments in local tech startups to fill the funding gap and get better digital solutions across to consumers and enterprises.


Coming from that early start, Kickstart now manages two funds for Globe and advises the $180M Ayala Corporation Technology Innovation Venture (ACTIVE) Fund, the largest fund to come out of the Philippines. The ACTIVE Fund is anchored by Ayala Corporation, and counts the Bank of the Philippine Islands, AC Industrials, AC Energy, and Globe Telecom, as its LPs. Kickstart continues to invest out of its first fund with its mission to support the Philippine startup ecosystem, drive innovation, and enhance Filipino digital life as evidenced by its recent investments in kumu, edamama, and NextPay. Out of the ACTIVE Fund, it has invested in eight startups that represent the areas that the Ayala Group seeks to drive forward: new technology, emerging trends, and innovative business models that the Ayala Group believes in.


From being the single local conglomerate playing the Philippine VC space in 2012, there are now at least nine corporate groups in the scene, proving Kickstart’s founding team's belief that the VC and tech investments ecosystem is coming of age. Kickstart has happily co-invested with a number of these groups, along with other investors in the country and overseas.


With the growing recognition of its funds and investment track record, Kickstart will continue to support the Philippine startup ecosystem through its investments and community support while also seeking to make an impact on the global tech community.


"Our brand refresh is one of many initiatives to portray our evolution and communicate our mission of breaking barriers and building bridges through the expansive Ayala, Globe, and Singtel networks,” said Carla Samson, Corporate Communications Manager of Kickstart Ventures. "Our refreshed positioning leverages the strengths and values we’ve delivered over the years and displays the depth of our aspirations - be it in the funds we manage, the markets we have a presence in, or the industries we invest in.”


Taking flight in innovation hubs globally

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of society, it has in turn accelerated digital adoption across businesses and consumers especially here in the Philippines. According to the 10-year old VC firm, the Philippine startup ecosystem will continue to flourish in the foreseeable future thanks to the arrival of the Filipino digital consumer who is expected to lead the boom of the Philippine internet economy to $40B in value by 2025 according to the e-Conomy SEA 2021 report.


Globally renowned VC firms like Andreesen Horowitz, Warburg Pincus, Insight Partners, General Atlantic, and SIG, have all made notable investments in Philippine startups in the past year and Kickstart anticipates that these investors and more will continue to take an interest in the Philippine market given the sustained adoption of Filipino consumers, the second largest consumer market in SEA, who see themselves purchasing goods and services digitally even post-pandemic.


As more investors take an interest in Philippine startups, Kickstart sees an opportunity to continue championing innovation for the Filipino consumer and business by expanding its search for tech startups in innovation hubs around the world particularly in the US, Europe, and across Asia. Kickstart Portfolio Operations Director, Bit Santos, explains, “We have a robust network that delivers data, alongside financial, industrial, and social capital, we see many opportunities for growth and expansion. We have a dedicated team to support our portfolio companies for business development, media relations, and community engagement. We aim to become the investment partner of choice for investors and startups looking to invest or expand in the Philippines as their entry point to the larger Southeast Asian region.”


“We will double down on our investments in industries where we believe we add the most value. These investments will be made in industries of interest in the near-term, like in the areas of digitalization and the creation of a more frictionless future; decarbonization through technologies that catalyze behavior change; and decentralization through the emergence of blockchain-powered ecosystems and use cases,” says Minette Navarrete, Kickstart’s President. “As we grow the size and capacity of our investment team, we will also increase our accessibility to startups through our various innovation and community partners in the Philippines and around the globe.”


Risks that reap rewards

At a time when Southeast Asia had no known digital companies or massive startup success, Kickstart envisioned a Philippines & SEA region where the founders’ greatest ambitions could take off, and where startups could achieve massive success within a community that is justifiably proud of its achievements. The last decade saw this vision coming to reality with 25 new unicorns emerging at a record pace in 2021 compared to only 21 unicorns prior to 2021. In the Philippines, deal volume and aggregate value have been on an upswing with the average quarterly deal value growing 37x in 2021 compared to 2019, and more local startups progressing into later stage rounds.


Kickstart also saw its own portfolio take off through successful value-creating exits which include, a mobile wallet acquired by Indonesian superapp Gojek in 2019, followed by Naver’s 2021 acquisition of Wattpad, an online social reading platform, and the most recent investment of Thailand’s True Digital Group in ZAP, the top rewards program provider in the Philippines and one of Kickstart’s inaugural batch of investments.


In the last two years, it has also seen two of its portfolio companies successfully reach unicorn status starting with San Francisco based Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communication platform, and Xendit, a Southeast Asian leading payment gateway - riding on the back of megatrends on the future of work and the future of payments.


Like many Asian conglomerates, Kickstart’s LPs have begun adopting innovative solutions across a wide range of industrial processes, whether in telecoms, banking, real estate, energy, or manufacturing. The firm is optimistic about the future, one that is powered by technology to be more intelligent, efficient, sustainable, and equitable. It looks forward to creating more value for its LPs, partners, customers, and most especially for the startup community that continuously drives innovations for a better world.


As a part of the Globe Group, Kickstart supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, highlighting the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. It is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.


Bible Study: Holy Spirit

March 27, 2022

MY JOURNEY, Exactly a year ago same week (holy week of 2021)

I was going to talk about my deliverance more in detail from the past year, but I was still studying more about my situation and about my healing and my journey. For the past months, most of you may have known based from my IG post, that I found salvation in Jesus Christ. I have been very open about it on my blog and also on my social media. That is the power of being set free from our bondage that holds us back. I will and forever be grateful to Jesus for giving me this chance to SEE HIM CLEARLY, despite everything that was holding me back from praising HIM, Jesus still is ALIVE and is WORTHY TO BE PRAISED! I offer my whole entire life to my savior and my Lord, Jesus Christ. 


The name of Jesus is the most powerful name there is. God gave Jesus the "name that is above every name" (Philippians 2:9). Why is this name so powerful? It is because of the sacrifice He made—through living a perfect life, dying a sinner's death, and being resurrected. Jesus made a way for all of humanity to be saved and made right with God: "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13; cf. Acts 4:12). The literal name "Jesus" is not inherently powerful; it is powerful because of Jesus Christ, the person, God incarnate, who made a way for our salvation. When we talk about the name of Jesus, we are talking about Jesus Himself, His character and the things He does. -

After 3 months since my deliverance, I had shaven my head and that was the very first time I felt the urge to read again my bible. To my surprise, as I opened the Bible, I was lead to see these pages. 


The Promise of the Holy Spirit ( John 14: 15-30 )

The Work of the Spirit ( John 16: 4-15 )

Sorrow will turn into Joy ( John 16: 16-24 )

The Coming of the Holy Spirit ( Acts 2: 1-13 )

Prayer for deliverance from Enemies ( Psalm 59 )

Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit ( Acts 10: 44-48 )

Life in the Spirit ( Romans 8: 1-17 )

The Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit ( Galatians 5: 16-26 )

Glorify God in Body & Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 5: 12-20 )

Soul Food: Husband's Duty

March 26, 2022

If we claim to Love God but don't love each other our love is nothing but meaningless 
“Love is the joy we get from God when we put His benefit and the benefit of another person before our own."

Al Bequilla Cabañog May you continue to be a blessing to others just as you are a blessing from God to me and your children 

I thank you for putting our benefit and God 's benefit first before your own benefit everyday.

You've been through hell with me but you rose up against everything we have been through because of your faith in me and Jesus. I wouldn't be here if were not for you. 🙏🙏🙏

You led to me to my new destiny with Jesus. Thank you pa! I love you 

Posted on Facebook July 24, 2021

Cebu Plant Company Vlog


A day at Cebu Plant Company. Lots of plants for every plantito or plantita to love and collect. Watch and don't forget to Subscribe!

They are open everyday 10am to 6pm everyday.

For more information on how to get there and on the place itself you may view their official facebook page here >>

PR Giveaway + Ami has Chickenpox


We were surprised to receive a parcel and we had no idea who sent it to us But anyway, even though we were not feeling well that day we still managed to do this unboxing video because we were equally excited. Thank you to ComCoSea for sending these teas to us. We can't wait to try some and giveaway some of the pack to one of our lucky subscribers soon



FUN FACT: Malapascua is an island located in North Cebu, Philippines that has attracted local and foreign tourists, especially divers, because of its rich marine sanctuary. It is best known for Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be seen regularly before sunrise. Famous for its thresher sharks and abundant macro life, Malapascua is a fantastic dive destination with beautiful beaches and laidback island vibes.

Malapascua Island Cebu Travel Requirements during COVID-19 Community Quarantine

The Province of Cebu, including Malapascua Island, is open to domestic tourists in the Philippines or non-residents of Cebu provided they comply with the travel requirements:

Based on the Province of Cebu’s Executive Order No. 12, persons traveling to the province for tourism must present the following:

  • Valid medical certificate issued by a reputable doctor within 7 days prior to travel date
  • Proof of pre-booking at an accredited hotel or resort in the Province of Cebu
  • Pass symptoms checking or screening at the point of departure

Best Time to Go to Malapascua Island

The best time to visit is between the months of December to April. It’s always best to schedule your trip to Malapascua Island during this dry season, where there are fewer chances of rainfall and typhoon.

Graph showing summary of the average monthly rainfall in Cebu

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