My Joyful Chaos: Journey to Healing and Finding a NEW Life in Jesus Christ

June 26, 2021


You are indeed a Survivor You have been trying hard to cope with your inner demons since you were still five and now most especially during this time of the pandemic, You found yourself so lost and oftentimes felt as though you were in the dark. The year 2020 brought a lot of realizations to a lot of people and you never saw that happening in your life. You thought that you would be good and that you could overcome the pandemic and your family would be safe and that you would survive. But, not without Jesus! It was as though some kind of lighting struck you by surprise!

this photo was taken on your trip to Malapascua to settle things out with yourself and find peace and there in the oceans you found the Lord. you have deep realizations from this trip and even got depressed the week after. it was a holy week.

To the Man who has been There for me Happy Father's Day

June 20, 2021

they say to find a great man to marry and have in life is a treasure to keep forever is real with you. it bothers you to read this because knowing our very imperfect relationship, it is still a miracle that we are together. you have endured so much to keep our family afloat and together from being our provider to our constant cheerleader behind the scenes as we create content for our followers. you have supported us in ways you can and ways you know will matter to us. you have showered us with your constant reminders and always showed us the true meaning of the word happiness. being married to you is yet another milestone that i will cherish and be proud of till this day but there is nothing more special than that feeling of having you as our daddy. you are the father of our two little angels and know that you are our greatest support and protector. thank you for always showing us what and how it truly feels to be cared for and loved immensely with no bounds. your efforts to bring food on our table and make sure that we live our best lives is our greatest blessing! thank you for all that you do for us, Pa! Your kids wish you the happiest Father's Day today. You are doing a great job! WE LOVE YOU

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