I really shaved my head for Jesus!

November 20, 2021

Here is the video that I forgot to post about!
The moment I received and surrendered my life to Jesus my Savior!

If you have time, please take time to listen to the audio of this vlog so you would get an insight into how my journey started. You can also read more about that in this post

Revealing a New Life in Jesus ( I Shaved My Head ) Life Update

July 7, 2021

Hi, my brothers and sisters in Christ! A life update over here. I chopped my mane! 
Thankful for all the support and love I have received so far. I first posted about it over on my Facebook profile and I got a lot of mixed comments and reactions.

As you may all know, I have been into praising and worshipping Jesus at home and praying our rosary with my husband together with my mom. It is spiritual for me and at the same time, it is very liberating.

Here is that part of the post I had over my FB

Here is the entire caption from this post:

Venturing into the unknown
Grabeh i never thought i would do this.
My faith made me do it.
My kids were shocked but im.still their momma
I almost cried when it finally set in that my hair was being shaved!! Faith can move.mountains

A lot of my friends were wondering about this sudden change so I had to answer all their questions in a separate post, I felt that it was the perfect way to share my story with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have never gone bald in my life before! This experience was my first time and one for the books. I felt really anxious that time and fear went over me but I felt that I need to do this because this is what is in my mind and my heart desires me to do. To fully serve Jesus, we really have to humble ourselves in praise and worship. After a couple of months of praying and worshipping Jesus because of my mental illness, I felt that I was so lost and found myself in the dark. 

Here is my short answer to all their questions:

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ! I will answer you in this post since dghan jud ang ga wonder about me going bald.
Since the onset of my depression episode after holy week i will never forget it started around MARCH 24th and the diagnosis of my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) - a severe mental illness , APril mga first week after na sa holy week. Me and my husband together with my mother, have been praying. and devoting my time sa pag dayeg ug pag worship sa balay and pag rosary every day. it was because my psychologist invited me to a GGB fellowship and there it revealed to me that yes I was in a very dark place. I realized that Jesus is my only savior. I ALMOST COMMITTED SUICIDE because of my depression and I DONT WANT to go back there again. I was depressed for a week or so.
Through worship songs and prayer (AUTHENTIC FORM OF PRAYER) like talking really to Jesus the holy spirit nikunsad cya nako because after months of praying and worshipping my inner child ni gawas cya ug ni forgive cya ... MY healing started with FORGIVENESS sa akong trauma. sa mga tawo nga naka cause sa akong TRAUMAas a child. Then nibaot jud sa point on the second month sa among pagcge ug worhsip prayer, niabot na sa point nga mag tan-aw ko sa akong self sa mirror i still feel that im "worldy" and i dont like what i am seeing i felt nga naka hinder ang akong wavy curly hair sa akong devotion - - so i decided to cut if off.
JESUS happened to me and my life is not the same now. I AM RENEWED because of his MERCY and GRACE and His LOVE.
I am so thankful for JESUS siya ra jud ang naka save nako cya ang nag hatag ug light nako sa akong darkness. HE SAVED ME.
so mao to cya i will leave you with this bible verse JOHN 12:35 -36
35 Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going. 36 Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.
- Thank you to all the people who have showed their love and support ingun c Jesus "Go and Speak" im the LIVING PROOF that HE IS ALIVE. JESUS IS ALIVE AND HE WILL SAVE YOU!

Coping with trauma: ‘You are not alone; we are all in this together’

Going through deeply distressing events such as forced isolation, losing a loved one, physical and verbal abuse, natural disasters, and other extraordinary experiences shatters our sense of security. These may leave us struggling with emotions that have long-term physical and mental effects on leading to trauma.

Recovering from trauma may take a while, but Dr. Gina A. Alfonso, Founder and Clinical Director of MAGIS Creative Spaces, assured those suffering from stressful circumstances that “You are not alone. We are all in this together.” 

Dr. Alfonso, a mental health clinician, who also experienced trauma herself in the past, was the resource speaker at Globe and the Department of Education (DepEd)’s TAYO! Naman! (Tulong, Alaga, Yakap at Oras para sa mga Tagapagtaguyod ng Edukasyon) webinar Episode 5: Healing from Past Hurts and Traumas. 

During the webinar, Dr. Alfonso enlightened teachers and non-teaching personnel about trauma -  what it is, how one responds to it, how it affects the brain, and different ways to recover from trauma. 

“What happens with trauma is sometimes we think it is just stored in our brain, but it is actually absorbed in our body. It affects our nervous system. Our nervous system goes on hyper-alert. We are experiencing life like it’s not safe. Everywhere we go, we feel like there’s danger kahit wala. That’s because our nervous system was affected by the incident. Ang importante is to be really aware. Ano kaya ang dahilan. Ano kaya ang practices na pwede kong gawin para ‘yung stress ng trauma mawala? It’s really about learning more about the nervous system,” Dr. Alfonso said. 

(Upper boxes) from L-R

·  Raffy Berina
Teacher 3  
EB Magalona National High School

·Dr. Gina A. Alfonso
Founder and Clinical Director
MAGIS Creative Spaces

·  Loje E. Lingco
Teacher 1
Pandan Elementary School
Pontevedra 2

(Lower boxes) from L-R  

·   Riezel Jane Batayola Sosas
Division Office of Negros Occidental

·  Cinderella F. Diancin
Teacher 1
Minoyan Elementary School

·   Angelito Gumawa Yanson jr.
Teacher 1
A. Maranon Elementary School

While everyone has their own traumatic experiences, she noted that these have different effects on each individual. Some people recover fast, and some do not. 

“We are all experiencing distress differently. What is most critical in our healing process is self-compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others, and a lot of patience—realizing that we are not alone. We can learn from others and their journeys. And that if we take care of ourselves, we will be better equipped to care for others,” she said.

During the ensuing panel discussion facilitated by Raffy Berina from EB Magalona National High School, Dr. Alfonso mentioned that trauma could also affect one’s cognitive ability. If a student is going through trauma, educators can help by practicing a socio-emotional approach. Self-compassion, kindness, and patience towards oneself and others are crucial to recovering from trauma.

“One of the things that is important when working with people who have had traumatic incident is to hold judgment and be compassionate. Second is to let them know nandito lang ako. Sometimes we don't need to give solutions,” she said. 

The speaker left the audience with the ABCD of trauma to guide them in coping with it.

A  -  Ask for help from somebody you trust to build a strong support system. 

B - Body doesn't lie. If your body needs something, pay attention.  Remember that our body and brain can heal. 

C - Compassion and patience to ourselves, our loved ones, and those we are working with are key to healing. 

D - Dance. Move. Engage in the arts and play. These are the best way to self-regulate, and when you’re consistent, you will see you're on your way to recovery. 

E - Every micro-step we make towards healing is important and worth celebrating.

TAYO Naman! is an online Mental Health and Psychosocial Support program designed to help teachers, non-teaching personnel, and parents learn about self-care, wellness, and resiliency.

The 14-part webinar series is led by the DepEd Disaster Risk Reduction Management Services (DepEd-DRRMS) and the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development-Employee Welfare Division (BHROD-EWD) in collaboration with Globe’s Global Filipino Teachers Series on Psychosocial Support Services, Philippine Mental Health Association and Magis Creative Spaces.

The latest webinar featured panelists from the DepEd Division of Negros Occidental, namely, Angelito Yanson Jr. from Maranon Elementary School, Cinderella Diansin from Minoyan Elementary School, Loje Lingco from Pandan Elementary School, and Riezel Jan Sosas from the Division Office of Negros Occidental, 

The next episode on June 25 will be about “Resilience through Positive Psychology: Emerging and Keeping up from Adversities,” to be spearheaded by the DepEd Nueva Ecija Division.

The webinars are held every Friday until August 20 from 8:30 to 10:00 am and streamed live on DepED Philippines, Deped DRRMS, and Globe Bridgecom

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as UN SGD No. 3 on good health and well-being and UN SDG No. 4 on inclusive and equitable quality education for all. The company is also committed to supporting the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles. 


To learn more about how to create a #GlobeofGood, visit www.globe.com.ph/about-us/sustainability.html

Song Review and my Reflection: SHOW YOU THE CROSS by Matty Mullins

July 1, 2021

When I was young we would pray the rosary with our whole family. every time I would recite the fifth mystery of the Joyful mysteries, I would wonder why "Losing and Finding Jesus at the Temple" belonged there -- in the JOYFUL MYSTERY. I never quite understood and it never resonated much too until this age when I am already 34.

My Joyful Chaos: Journey to Healing and Finding a NEW Life in Jesus Christ

June 26, 2021


You are indeed a Survivor You have been trying hard to cope with your inner demons since you were still five and now most especially during this time of the pandemic, You found yourself so lost and oftentimes felt as though you were in the dark. The year 2020 brought a lot of realizations to a lot of people and you never saw that happening in your life. You thought that you would be good and that you could overcome the pandemic and your family would be safe and that you would survive. But, not without Jesus! It was as though some kind of lighting struck you by surprise!

this photo was taken on your trip to Malapascua to settle things out with yourself and find peace and there in the oceans you found the Lord. you have deep realizations from this trip and even got depressed the week after. it was a holy week.

To the Man who has been There for me Happy Father's Day

June 20, 2021

they say to find a great man to marry and have in life is a treasure to keep forever is real with you. it bothers you to read this because knowing our very imperfect relationship, it is still a miracle that we are together. you have endured so much to keep our family afloat and together from being our provider to our constant cheerleader behind the scenes as we create content for our followers. you have supported us in ways you can and ways you know will matter to us. you have showered us with your constant reminders and always showed us the true meaning of the word happiness. being married to you is yet another milestone that i will cherish and be proud of till this day but there is nothing more special than that feeling of having you as our daddy. you are the father of our two little angels and know that you are our greatest support and protector. thank you for always showing us what and how it truly feels to be cared for and loved immensely with no bounds. your efforts to bring food on our table and make sure that we live our best lives is our greatest blessing! thank you for all that you do for us, Pa! Your kids wish you the happiest Father's Day today. You are doing a great job! WE LOVE YOU

PhotoBlog: Celebrating Chinese New Year 2021 at Pangeas Resort Cebu

May 22, 2021

After almost 5 years, I finally went out again with my college friends Rachel and Shayne. We headed and visited Pangeas Beach Resort here in our new place in Liloan, Cebu. It was a great sunny day to enjoy nature and the scenic views of the sea and garden at this garden resort. I must say that they did a pretty decent job in keeping the place really cozy and I am quite fascinated at how exquisite the furniture here is. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to relax and chill with amazing views, a cool pool, and views of the gardens by the sea.

Here are some of the photos we managed to shoot on that day we visited. It was the Chines New Years too!

Travel with Kids During a Pandemic: How to Go To Malapascua Island ( Vlog and Photos )

May 11, 2021

Wow! Malapascua is beautiful watch our journey getting there despite the pandemic. Watch out for Part 2 Vlog - Arrival at Malapascua Island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mYMe... FUN FACT: Malapascua is an island located in North Cebu, Philippines that has attracted local and foreign tourists, especially divers, because of its rich marine sanctuary. It is best known for Monad Shoal where thresher sharks can be seen regularly before sunrise. Famous for its thresher sharks and abundant macro life, Malapascua is a fantastic dive destination with beautiful beaches and laidback island vibes. ========================= Hello guys! I am Graz Estrella. Glad to meet you here! I am the blogger behind the blog https://nanaykikay.com. I have been in the blogging scene for 10 years already. And on my tenth year online, I finally released my Vlog on Youtube Entitled #ItsAGrazieLife. You will find videos of me talking about my recent beauty find, our grocery haul, home and living tips for natural living, my life as a work at home mom, blogging tips, freelancing resources and basically my personal thoughts on life in general. Thanks to everyone who subscribed and showed support for our small YouTube channel. Learn more about my channel and more about me by watching this short video. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already. I hope that as you leave my channel you will find valuable insights to share with others or talk about with your friends or family. Let's be friends and follow each other on social media: INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/itsgrazestrella FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/mommygrazvlogs WEBSITE: https://NanayKikay.com

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